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The Midlands Spectacular Christmas destination


PAHNA (Gingerbread Hearts) - Great stocking fillers

image showing a PAHNA Gingerbread Heart, which can be bought as stocking fillers at Winter Wonderland Stoke

Winter Wonderland are having these custom iced with English text

Generations link the sweet gingerbread hearts with the name of Pahna, since 1920. The unmistakable taste, the consistently high quality and confidence in the products have Pahna made what it is today.

The quality of PAHNA means to ensure incomparable pleasure and taste besides product safety by carefully selecting raw materials and by high quality standards in the entire production process. High priority is also given to the production process operating under socially acceptable and environmentally friendly conditions. Pahna uses only the highest quality and carefully selected ingredients. All products are without any preservatives. Only by these means, we can achieve the unique flavour of our finest gingerbread.

SCHOKOKUSS (Chocolate Kisses)

image showing Chocolate Kisses which can purchased at Winter Wonderland Stoke-on-Trent

Were first introduced in 1920, although the first mention of them in Germany dates back to 1829. The sweets are sold all year long. Every year approximately one billion are sold. This makes an average of about one dozen per person per year.

These sweets are made of sweetened egg white foam and not marshmallows. In most cases the used sweetener is sugar. The consistency is quite fluffy and not sticky or gooey and today they are available in many different flavours. Winter Wonderland is delighted to be bringing Schokokuss (translated means Chocolate Kisses) to Stoke On Trent.

See below how these delicious little treats are made.

There will also be a food court with Bavarian Swing Grill taking centre stage.

image of Bavarian style sausages being cooked on a swing grill at Winter Wonderland Stoke
image of a Gourmet Burger and fries
image of slow roasted bavarian style ham
image of BBQ pulled pork roll with coleslaw
image of the Swing Grill
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Ice Rink

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Rides & Attractions

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